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About Xinghuo

China Earth, a high-end motorcycle supplier - designated supplier of Dachangjiang Group, a high-end electric vehicle manufacturer - Guangdong Yadi designated shock absorber supplier - Spark Shock Absorber Company, was founded in Wenling, Zhejiang Province in 1997 . In 2007, in order to better serve the South China locomotive manufacturer, Jiangmen Xinghuo was established, gradually forming a situation of interaction between Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Guangdong.
Xinghuo shock absorption has advanced and efficient aluminum tube casting line, full CNC machining aluminum tube machine line and advanced aluminum tube coating line, fully automatic painting Ω spray gun, ensuring stable production of first-class quality aluminum tube for Dachangjiang The group supplies in bulk.
Xinghuo damping has advanced processing lines for fork tubes, four assembly lines before and after, a three-dimensional warehouse, a test room and testing center for shock absorbers, a road test for new products, and a quality control of the whole process. .
The quality of Xinghuo shock absorption products is excellent. The roughness of the inner hole of the aluminum cylinder is Ra0.2. The size of the assembly surface is strictly guaranteed. The front fork tube is made of nickel-chromium three-layer plating to ensure the salt spray test reaches 8 levels. The post-reduction chrome-plated CASS test reaches 8 or more levels in 16 hours.
The company's main products are motorcycles, electric vehicles, ATVs, hundreds of various types of shock absorbers, especially the company's women's car shock absorbers have been widely used by industry customers for many years, has been widely recognized, has become the industry's first brand.
The company expects to cooperate with more industry elites to create a better future!
Star fire shock absorption, finely crafted, only boutique!